The Africa Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF)   is a regional multistakeholder platform that facilitates discussions on Internet and digital policy issues in Africa.

We have a  goal of strengthening the engagement of parliamentarians in our activities and fostering inter-parliamentary dialogue and cooperation on digital policy issues. In line with this goal, a symposium dedicated to parliamentarians from across the African continent is to be held in the context of the 2022 AfIGF meeting, under the overarching title ‘The role of parliaments in shaping our digital future. An African perspective’. The event will also mark the launch of the African Parliamentary Network on Internet Governance (APNIG). The Symposium would hold in  Lilongwe,  Malawi from the 18-21 st of  July 2022.

You have been selected as a Member of Parliament from your country to participate in this symposium kindly fill the form below to enable us plan for your logistics to get you to Lilongwe.